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What Is God Like?

Humans all through history have painted very different pictures of what God is like. This was usually a result of their interpretation of nature and their physical world. God’s attributes mirrored natural events like lightning, rain, wind, stones, and even the animals. We can see this in their artwork and ancient legends. Some of today’s religions continue to do this.

Yet, despite the differences between them, each religion had many common elements. Most religions, even today, focus on God’s expectations for humans, the price that must be paid for disobedience, and the way in which God’s forgiveness can be received. This seems to indicate that God is someone who expects behaviour from his creation that lines up with His rules, and when deviated from, requires some sort of compensatory payment like a blood sacrifice or a gift of some kind.

So describing what God is like really depends on whom you ask. Most religions today have holy writings that they turn to for answers. These books have been compiled over many years and are today considered to be the only source for spiritual truth. If you ask a Muslim, for example, they will open their holy book called the Qur’an. Hindus will turn to their sacred texts, and Jews will read the Torah.

Christians draw their entire belief system and understanding of God from their holy book called the Bible. This topic is covered more fully in the “Bible” section, but for now just understand that everything Christians are taught to believe about their Creator must be drawn from the Holy Bible.

It is impossible to fully describe the God of the Bible, and based on what we read, our human minds will never truly comprehend Him. But we know He created us to be like Him and that He created us with purpose and meaning. We were not afterthoughts or random bits of cells and molecules that formed into humans. He took the time to create us and wants us to live our lives under his guidance and follow his code of life.

God is strong and pure and wise. He can see endlessly through time and space, and his love never runs out for his creation. His power is unmatched, unwavering and limited in no way that conforms to his nature.

Best of all, He has the resources to fulfill the inner feelings of thirst and hunger you feel every day. That’s what this app is all about.