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What Does God Want From Me?

Essentially what God wants from us is what He had with us in the beginning.

First there was nothing, then there was everything. God created us because He loves us, wanted us, and in His nature He is a giver. He didn’t create us to worship Him, He was complete within Himself before we ever got here. We worship Him as a love response to the love He has for us. (1 John 4:19) When man sinned in Genesis, God could have abandoned us on earth and started again somewhere else in the universe, but He didn’t. He moved toward us AGAIN. The rest of the entire Bible is an incredible love story about how the Creator set a plan in motion to be united again with His creation.

What God wants from us is to be with us again. Sin separated us from Him, as we have learned through reading His Word. God did not create us to do things for Him any more than we have children because we have things around our house that need doing. Certainly our children do things for us, but that is a result of their relationship with us, and certainly not the reason we had them. God’s desire for us as His children is to be with Him again, united in a relationship that will be eternal, and which is made possible by the sacrifice that He made by sending His only Son, Jesus Christ, to pay for our sins and make this possible once again for all mankind. (John 3:16)

What God wants, is to be united again with the people He so passionately loves.