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Argument From Personal Experience

Human experience also points to the existence of God. Throughout history, practically every culture has developed some sort of belief in God. Something within our human psyche demands a god, someone to worship, to provide structure for living, and guidance for daily affairs. It seems to be imprinted into our very nature.

Add to this the witness of billions of people through the centuries who have given testimony, not only to faith in a God who exists, but also to one who is present and active in their daily lives. This is obviously subjective and unscientific, but so is love, hate, memories, dreams-and we don’t question their existence.

When you see a complete reversal in someone’s life, you stop and pay attention. What changed that person so dramatically? How were they able to put the past behind them and completely clean up their lives? Where did that power come from?

C. S. Lewis puts it another way by exploring the idea of thirst. We all experience thirst, but it’s not a craving we invented. It exists because our bodies need something. We were born with that yearning. In the same way, why would humans throughout the course of history yearn for God if He didn’t exist? Where would that yearning come from if there were no legitimate solution?

We may not be able to prove the existence of God scientifically, but we can come to reasonable conclusions based on probabilities arising from various forms of evidence. In the end you have to come to your own conclusion, based on the evidence available.