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Order & Complexity Argument: The Watchmaker Analogy

Like Thomas Aquinas, William Paley believed the apparent design and purpose in the universe implied the existence of God. He stated that just as the complex inner workings of a watch necessitate an intelligent designer, so too does the complexity of the created universe. He pointed to the human body as a prime example of something whose incredible complexity necessitated a designer.

The order and complexity of our universe, from astronomy to molecular biology, strongly suggests an intelligent creator. Hundreds of top-ranking scientists today have moved from atheism to belief in God because the scientific evidence leads them there.

If you’ve never taken time to really think about this, look around at nature. Watch how it all works together. Read up on the complexity of animals, birds, fish and insects. Think about your own body and how detailed and complicated it is. Is it really possible that all of this happened on its own?