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What Does Gospel Mean?

The word gospel simply means good news. The Christian gospel is the announcement of God’s kingdom and salvation. It is the good news about Jesus Christ, of his unusual virgin birth, his sinless life, his teachings, his death on the cross as a sacrifice for sin, his resurrection, his ascension into heaven, and his eventual return to earth to judge all people and to rule and reign forever.

The gospel is a message of hope. It presents Jesus Christ as the Saviour of the world, and as the way to God. The gospel message includes an invitation to everyone to turn from their sins, to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and to receive forgiveness and eternal life. The gospel includes Jesus’ teachings about how to live as a follower of Jesus and how to serve God together with others.

Because it is the most important message God has ever sent to humanity, it can transform your life here and now and prepare you to meet God and to spend eternity with Him. And it is important to spread the good news so everyone around the world will have a chance to hear it and respond.