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So Who Is Jesus Anyway?

The best way for you to know the story of Jesus is to read it for yourself. There are four books included in this app that focus on the life of Jesus: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They’re called Gospels, which means “good news,” and each has a slightly different focus and relates different parts of his life.

Here’s a summary of his life, and then you can read the stories for yourself by clicking on the Bible link below.

Jesus of Nazareth – commonly called Jesus Christ – was a first-century Jew who travelled throughout Israel preaching and teaching about God, the Kingdom of God, and the way for people throughout the world to come to God, have their sins forgiven, and receive eternal life.

Born in the town of Bethlehem (which is also where the famous King David was from), He grew up in a tiny, non-descript town called Nazareth with parents Joseph and Mary, and most likely worked as a carpenter in Joseph’s business.

At about age 30, He began travelling as a rabbi, teaching in the Jewish synagogues (places of worship), in homes, and in the outdoors. He often drew large crowds to hear his teaching. People had never heard someone speak with authority and wisdom the way He did, often challenging the status quo. He also did miraculous things that no one could explain.

The Bible tells us that He gathered around Him 12 personal disciples, whom He called apostles, and trained them for three years so they could go out and spread his teachings. Having run afoul of the religious establishment based in Jerusalem, He was crucified at age 33 by the Romans-a torturous method of dying by being hung on a cross with nails. He died, was buried in a tomb-but on the third day afterward rose from the dead.

The real question of who Jesus is doesn’t focus on Him as an historical figure who lived long ago. The question is: was He just a man, a prophet, a great moral teacher, or was He something much more? Was He the unique Son of God?