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What Does The Word Salvation Mean?

The word salvation is used of a rescue. Someone is saved from some sort of terrible fate or experience. In the Christian faith it is used to describe God saving us from sin and its consequences and bringing us into the Kingdom of God.

Salvation is a saving act, an act of rescue. When you put your faith in Jesus Christ, have your sins forgiven, receive eternal life and become a member of God’s family, we speak of it as being saved.

But salvation is also a process, and you can think of it in the past, present, and future. You can point to a time when you gave your life to Christ and you can say, I have been saved. Then as you live your life and grow in your faith, you can say, I am being saved. Then as you look forward to Jesus’ return and anticipate your final salvation, you can say, I will be saved. The Bible speaks of salvation in all three of these ways.

But most of the time when people speak of salvation, they mean the moment when you give your life to Jesus Christ.