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What Are The Main Points Of The Christian Faith?

1. God created the universe and all life on earth.

2. We humans are made in the image of God; that is, we are separate from other created beings and possess God-like characteristics-soul, spirit, mind, intelligence, and personality.

3. Sin (breaking God’s laws) has separated all of humanity from God. Consequently every human being is a sinner (law breaker) and needs to be reconciled to God.

4. Jesus Christ is the eternal, sinless Son of God, perfect and pure.

5. Jesus came to earth in human form in order to offer his life as a sacrifice for sin-to pay sin‘s penalty on our behalf-so we can be restored to a right relationship with God.

6. Jesus was crucified, He died, was buried, but three days later rose bodily from the grave. Forty days later He ascended back to Heaven.

7. Every person needs to turn from their sin by placing their faith in Jesus Christ in order to receive eternal life, and be assured of going to Heaven when they die.

8. Followers of Jesus (Christians) need to associate with other believers, in a local church if possible, for spiritual growth, fellowship, and service.

9. The church’s mission is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus around the world and do works of mercy and compassion.

10. Jesus Christ will one day return to the earth. History as we know it will come to an end. God will then judge the world through Jesus Christ and there will be rewards and punishment, depending on how people have responded to Jesus Christ.

11. The righteous (see #7) will live forever with God and the condemned will suffer eternal punishment.