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How Is Christianity Different From Other Religions?

Christianity is unique in that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. The entire Christian faith stands or falls on the truth of the resurrection, which one great historian called the best-attested fact in history.

Christianity is also unique because it presents God as taking the initiative and reaching down to humans. Other religions are of human origin and represent the attempt of humanity to reach up to God. Christianity has its origins with God. Other religions have their origin in humans.

Another significant point is that Christianity is not so much a religion-although it has become that-but a relationship. Jesus did not come to establish a new religion. He came to re-establish our relationship with God. So Christianity is not about rules and regulations you must keep, but about a personal relationship with God you can have as a gift.

Personal salvation is not something you have to work for or earn. In fact you can’t. It is a free gift from God to you. You receive it by faith-by repenting of your sins, placing your faith in Jesus Christ and receiving God’s forgiveness. Christ comes into your life by the Holy Spirit and gives you the power to live the Christian life.