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Is This Life All There Is?

The question of life after death has always intrigued humanity and is still largely a deep mystery. Many scientifically minded people today would say that this life is all there is. But history suggests otherwise. And while different answers have been given, the weight of evidence seems to point to life beyond the grave.

Regardless of what various religions say, we do have many near death or actual death experiences from which people have come back to tell what they have seen. Despite skeptics’ response to these stories, doctors have written books with the mounting evidence they have experienced in their line of work.

Christians point to various passages in the New Testament that indicate that there is indeed life after death, and that the kind of eternity you experience at that time will be based on the decisions you have made during your life. This belief impacts every part of a Christian’s life and influences the choices they make in their personal life and in the way they interact with other people.

The TELL ME MORE section of this app goes into more detail about what kinds of decisions need to be made to determine your eternal future.